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Your Position: Home - Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear - 2022 sports watch recommendations

2022 sports watch recommendations

As a runner, it is natural to prepare sports equipment. The sports watch, as a necessary equipment for runners nowadays, can play a very good role in assisting exercise by monitoring various sports data. There are many brands of sports watches on the market, with different prices and functions. At that time, it was really confusing to start a sports watch. After researching for a long time and considering various factors, I finally chose the one I liked.

As a wearable device, a sports watch can not only provide the time display, countdown and other functions of ordinary watches, but also help us understand various physiological data of our sports, allocate physical energy reasonably, and help us achieve the best sports state. . Now sports watches on the market are becoming more and more diverse in terms of styles, functions, etc. In addition to sports and fitness, they can also better help us understand our physical condition in daily life.

Shopping Considerations

In addition to recording exercise data, smart sports watches on the market basically have all-weather heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, incoming call reminder, etc. When choosing a sports watch, you can first understand your own needs, and then consider various factors, combined with spending power, to choose the most suitable watch for you.

1 J-Style GPSFit Pro Sport Watch

Built-in GPS with super low battery consumption
Continuously activity heart rate monitor
TFT big full touch display
VO2Max / fitness age
All-in-One cardio health monitor with blood pressure,heart rate, HRV , stress

Super low battery consumption When run with GPS and exercise heart rate sensor on,the battery can last for 36h continuously

2  2051F Amoled Smart Blood Glucose Watch

Heart Rate / Body Temperature / Blood Pressure / HRV / Stress / Sleep Monitor / Multiple Sports

Modes and Activity Tracking / 10+ Days Battery Life

HD AMOLED Screen High-Quality Stainless Steel Housing

Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor with Wearable PPG Sensors

Blood Oxygen A Breath of Fresh Innovation

ECG On your wrist Anytime Anywhere

24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring The Future of Health is on Your Wrist

24-Hour Temperature Monitor

Blood Pressure/ HRV/ Stress for Wellness Monitoring Live Well Every Day

Designed for Your 0wn Style



Blood Oxygen Monitor [SpO2]

Body Temperature Monitor

All Day HRV & Stress Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor


4 2025E Smart ECG Watch

1.57 Inch Large Display for Vivid Animation

High Accuracy SpO2 Monitor Care Your Health

24/7 Continuous Heart Rate Monitor& Abnormal Heart Rate Alert

Medical Level ECG Based on Patent Algorithm

Blood Pressure
HRV & All Day Stress Monitor

Multi Sports Mode
Always Go to New Heights Lengths, Depths

24 Hours Body Temperature Monitor

High Quality Elegant Stainless Housing

Female Health Tracking Via APP and Watch

Customize Your Own Dials

Never Miss Any Notification Anymore


5 J-Style 4G/GPS Elderly Care Smart Health Watch

Age-friendly design. Most advanced smart watch yet with 4G connectivity.

SOS Button, 24-hour Medical Vital Signs Monitoring for Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/SpO2/ECG, GPS Smart Locator, 4G VoLTE Calling, App Remote Viewing, Medicine Reminder

Big Screen, Easy Interaction

Elderly-oriented Interface Design

More Accurate Positioning, More Relieved Care Set up A Geofence, Ensure Seniors

Always Stay Connected with the loved ones

Remote Sound Listening, Timely Rescue for Emergency

One-button Emergency Contact Calling

Intelligent ECG Monitoring Good Care for The Loved One

All-Day SpO2 Monitoring

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring, Prevention of Heart Disease

Beautiful Sound, Easy Communication

Only Connect with Those You Trust

Better Health Reminder

Waterproof IP67, Convenient to Use

Magnetic Charging Cable, Utterly Effortless Charging





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