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Your Position: Home - Minerals & Metallurgy - A Quick Primer on Stainless Steel Mesh

A Quick Primer on Stainless Steel Mesh

The moment you recognize that your business needs to buy wire mesh, you might begin to feel a little lost. There is an extensive catalog of applications for stainless steel wire mesh in a wide variety of industries. In fact, the different permutations of where stainless steel mesh can be used are so large, that you may not even be sure where to start.

However, there is hope. There are just three things you should keep in mind when shopping for your metal wire mesh:


A Quick Primer on Stainless Steel Mesh


The Conditions

Wire mesh can be subjected to a wide variety of conditions. From underwater construction to the scalding hot oil of a deep fryer, wire mesh can work for almost any situation, but only if the right materials are used to make it.

It’s possible to purchase wire mesh made out of PVC, tungsten, copper, and more, and, depending on your use, these may be the most cost-effective. If you need a material that’s highly versatile and can travel through a variety of conditions, though, it may be better to opt for stainless steel wire mesh.

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials for your mesh to be made out of because:

● It resists corrosion.

● It holds up in hot and cold conditions.

● The material’s non-reactive, making it low maintenance.

As a stable, durable material, stainless steel is a perfect option if you need something you can set up without worrying about lots of maintenance.


The Purpose

This category supersedes everything else you should consider when buying wire mesh for your business, which probably isn’t much of a surprise.

Wire mesh is a very versatile material, but there are still certain kinds of wire and weaves that are better suited to your business’s needs than others. Having a clear-eyed understanding of what you need that mesh to do will make it far easier for your reputable dealer to help you find the right option.


The Weave

Depending on your needs, you should take into consideration what kind of weave would best suit your needs. At a basic level, you can get one of two options: either woven or welded wire mesh.

Woven wire mesh is useful for businesses that need a barrier they can bend and shape to their needs. Since the fibers aren’t welded into place, the resulting netting is far more malleable than their welded counterparts, but they are also less resilient.

Welded mesh retains its shape far better than woven mesh, but this allows it to keep its form significantly better than alternatives. For that reason, it’s a great option for things like fencing or industrial fryer baskets, which need to hold their shape under a lot of weight.


If you need wire mesh and still have questions about the kind you need, contact us today!





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