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Army Defensive Barrier

Army defensive barrier also named as Hesco bastion, Hesco defense wall, sand cage, welded gabion box, etc.It is a prefabricated, multi-cellularsystem, made of zinc coated steel welded mesh and lined with non-woven geotextile. Units can be extended and joined using the provided joining pins. It is easy installed with using minimal manpower and commonly available equipment. After extended, it is filled into sand,stone,then hesco barrier like a defence wall or bunker,it is widely used for military fortification and flood control. Accessories Supplied With Carrier Units.

Product NameArmy defensive barrier
Product TypeWelded mesh
MaterialGalvanized steel wire or Galfan/zinc-5%aluminum wire
Wire Diameter4.0-5.0mm
Geotextile coloursand clolor, Brown, Gray,and Military Green.
Mesh hole76.2mm× 76.2mm, 50mm× 50mm, 75mm× 75mm, 100mm×100mm
ModelHeight(M)Width(M)Length(M)Number of cells
YY-1(Mil 1)1.371.06105+4=9 cells
YY-2(Mil 2)0.610.611.212 cells
YY-3(Mil 3)1.01.0105+5=10 cells
YY-4(Mil 4)1.01.5105+5=10 cells
YY-5(Mil 5)0.610.613.055 cells
YY-6(Mil 6)1.680.613.055 cells
YY-7(Mil 7)2.212.1327.745+4+4=13 cells
YY-8(Mil 8)1.371.22104+5=9 cells
YY-9(Mil 9)1.00.769.146+6=12 cells
YY-10(Mil 10)2.121.5230.55+5+5+5=20 cells

Army Defensive barrier can be widely used in surrounding security and defensive walls, equipment revetments, explosives and contraband search areas, ammunition compounds, personnel and material bunkers, observation points, defensive shooting positions, highway checkpoints, border checkpoints,protection of existing structures, highway traffic management, flood control, river courses, emergency flood control deployment, erosion control, retaining walls


Army Defensive Barrier characteristics

1.Easy to handle and install

Defensive Barrier provides the easiest deploy methods - just unfold it and fill it using minimal manpower or commonly available equipment. Previously, sandbag barrier is considered a slow undertaking as a person can only fill about 20 sandbags per hour. Yet our Defensive Barrier do ten times the work.

2.High strength and impact resistance

Once filled with soil, sand or gravel, Defensive Barrier forms a solid and strong barrier with exceptional strength and structural integrity to protect personnel and equipment from enemy fire. For example:
Two feet thick Army Defensive Barrier can be used to stop rifle bullets and shell fragments.
Four feet thick Army Defensive Barrier can prevent most car bombs.
Five feet thick Army Defensive Barrier is ideal for preventing penetration and explosion fragments from rocket propelled grenade.

3.Long life, normal use

4.It can be filled with sand, cement, stones, and soil.

Securest bastion barrier can be used in separate cell or some cells joined together by joint pins to suit different needs of your projects. Almost any locally filling material can be used such as soil, sand, gravel, crushed rock and various other granular materials.


Army Defensive Barrier Application

Ammo compounds
Noise abatement barriers
Sentry towers
Guard posts, both improvised and in kit form
Vehicle barriers
Entry Control Points
Blast mitigation walls
Cover from view
Protection from ballistics
Protection for aircraft (revetments)
Protection of adjacent occupants from the accidental discharge of aircraft weapons
Protection of living accommodations
Provision of bomb shelters
Asset protection





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