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Can you Imagine the Beauty of Patch

When I was young, I often heard a word, new boss, old old two, seam, replenish the old three. So as I am not boss, I'm young and some patch clothes are worn. I want to come now, every piece of clothes, each patch is stabilized.

If the patch is 50 years ago, it is quite normal to wear a patch, but now, give you a patch dress, dare to wear it? If you have a hole, if you have been thrown, you will be able to transform it directly?

Heat Transfer Clothing Labels

In fact, the clothes pants are doing well, just like getting a new dress! Also don't feel. Below and Custom patches Manufacturer learn some clothes patches, no need to worry about the problem that the clothes are not allowed to lose. At least you can wear people, these manual patches may help you!

Jeans repair

Old jeans breaks a hole or better treatment, sewing a flower cloth or colored cloth in the most primary repair method or a tattoo embroidery, or the result will make you unexpected.

The thorn embroidery has also been studied in the past, and everyone can search for previous content.

You can add some lace at some edges, and the effect is directly added directly.

If you want to Custom patch, you will summarize the following methods:

1. Buy some cartoon dinging stickers, seam along the border.

2, small broken, use embroidery / cross-stitch method (or Chinese embroidery needle method), embroidered into letters, small stars, etc. after the damage, and there is a fashionable combination, maybe there is a chance.

3, find the same color fabric, or dismantled the clothes and colored pockets to do patch materials.

4, find other old clothes, cut into patterns with the tangered fabric, do patch is also good.





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