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Choosing the right application method for your logo workwear

You’re here because you want to add your company logo to workwear & uniform. There are a variety of application methods that we use to create products and each has its own unique set of qualities.

On this page we explain the benefits and drawbacks of each of those methods to ensure you get the very best method for your specific needs.

We have 4 main logo application methods and they are:

1. Embroidery

● Most popular method

● Professional and high quality

● Practical and durable


2. Transfer printing

● Suitable for smaller orders

● Can be printed on a variety of garments such as jackets and bags

● Can be printed on to PPE such as hard hats


3. Screen printing

● Cost effective on larger orders

● Best suited to t-shirts, sweatshirts and hi-vis vests


4. Digital printing

● Great for complex multiple colour designs

● Photographic images can be printed

● Best suited for t-shirts


Embroidered logos

If you’re looking for logo application of the highest quality and durability, then embroidered workwear could very well be for you. Once embroidered onto a garment, logos look very professional and are a great way of boosting your brand image.


Choosing the right application method for your logo workwear


Professional & durable

We go above and beyond to ensure that your brand is represented as strongly as possible. That’s why we have an in-house design team ready and waiting to work with your logo, and ensure that it’s application onto workwear is – seamless. Complex logos can be redesigned for embroidery purposes, and our team are highly skilled in preparing artwork to suit that purpose.


Applicable materials

Embroidery is practical, durable and versatile.

As the embroidery process does penetrate the garment, we recommend tightly-woven materials constructed from cotton or wool. The added thickness means the garment can stand up to the stitching and hold the shape well, as opposed to say a thin linen.

That’s just as well, as the professional uniform pieces that would compliment an embroidered logo are typically made from such materials.


Transfer printed logos

When looking to introduce branded uniforms to the workplace, you might want to take it one step further than a standard logo application. Perhaps you want each employee to have their individual names printed onto their t-shirt? That’s where transfer printing comes in.


For more information regarding our workwear logo applications, or for advice on the workwear and equipment you need, get in touch with us.





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