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Your Position: Home - Hardware - Door Handles Choosing Considerations

Door Handles Choosing Considerations

No door is complete without the right door furniture, and the knobs or door handles you choose will be a subtle but important detail. They can be like the jewelry in a room, helping to tie the different design elements together and aiding in the natural flow from one area to another. With so many choices in size, type and design, you'll want to find the style that best complements your property. But where do you start? To help you, we've put together this handy guide.

Lever or Knob

One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is whether you'll use a door knob or a door handle. There are plain and simple styles of each, as well as more ornate and decorative options.

Door knobs have the longest history and are a popular choice for period attributes. However, with all the innovations in materials, style and design, they can also create attractive features in modern and contemporary homes.

Door handles naturally provide better grip and help people with varying degrees of strength and dexterity. As with door handles, there are a variety of different designs and finishes available to suit all styles of properties. However, they usually look more modern than door handles. Ultimately the decision will ultimately come down to personal preference and is often driven by aesthetics and who the end user may be.


Door Handles Choosing Considerations

Fixing distance adjustable door handles


You will also need to consider some important practical and functional considerations to ensure that the most appropriate handle or knob is selected for the intended end user. For example:

How big and heavy is the door? What hinges are needed to carry the weight?

How often is the door likely to be used? Are they easy for all users?
Can everyone on the property use the handles/knobs? Are they suitable for older and younger people?
Will everyone be able to put their hand on the door knob without knocking on the door stop?


Door Handles Choosing Considerations


It is important to measure the major door elements before purchasing a knob. The most basic elements include.

Vortex, this is the distance from the center of the door handle to the edge of the door. The standard options in Australia are 45 mm or 60 mm, but some door hardware comes with adjustable versions. 

Drilled and crossed holes,The crossed hole is the hole that goes through the door from one side to the other. This is where the door handle is mounted. If your door has a different size, it is best to consult with our door lock specialists.

Door thickness, doors vary in thickness and the exterior design is usually thicker than the interior. The standard range is 35mm - 45mm. in addition, some knobs work better with different measurements. Taking the time to pre-determine the specification range will save you effort and money in the long run.

Door Handles Choosing Considerations

New Chrome plated Door handles, zinc made

Doors in other rooms

Another issue to consider is how you will manage rooms with doors and cabinets all over the place, such as kitchens. Another example is the bedroom, where you may have a variety of furniture, including closets and drawer units, or perhaps built-in closets.

If you use door handles on the main doors, then you may decide to use a generic style for all door fittings - or at least choose something complementary. Or, you may prefer to create contrasts, using statements and highlighted handles. It's becoming increasingly popular to use a standard closet door that has the same lever or knob as the entire property.

Just make sure you avoid complete mismatches, as this will affect the effectiveness of your overall design scheme.


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