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Functions of Aluminium Casting Fiberglass Filtration Filter Pouch

Fiberglass Filtration Pouch is weaved through special process, its withstand temperature up to 1000 °C. 

Apply to filter and evenly distribute molten aluminum in molds.

1. New environmental protection material, does not burn during whole use process , no harm to human body. 

2. Advanced production equipment, warp and weft standard for base cloth, high temperature resistant coating mesh uniform, the finished product is exquisitely made without burrs. 

3. Both sides of the bag adopt square hole fixing device technology, more convenient operation and improve the working rate.

Aluminium Casting Fiberglass Filtration Filter Pouch/Bag


1. Helps to reduce the turbulence of metal flow and improve the temperature distribution throughout the mold volume. 

2. Filter the molten metal and decrease in non-metallic inclusions and oxide films in the liquid metal.  

3. Comparing to other filter bags, it does not affect the component of aluminum alloy, and with good filtration effect, high temperature resistance, high strength, excellent acid and alkali resistance, non-stick aluminum, non-slagging, non-peeling, as well as easy installation. 

4. Improve mechanical quality of aluminum casting product. 

5. Improve the hardness of aluminum casting product with more average surface hard and bending strength.

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