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Your Position: Home - Automobiles & Motorcycles - Golf Cart Repair and Maintenance Guide

Golf Cart Repair and Maintenance Guide

Electric golf cart in the use of the process, may be due to battery power shortage, directional switch damage, motor damage and other faults lead to the inability to drive, the emergence of such failures will need timely repair. Here are some tips to be paid attention to when repair is needed: 

► Clean and inspect the car

Electric golf cart many circuit failures are due to the working environment and lead to | up, such as the charger controller circuit board dusty, adjustable potentiometer dirty bow | up a variety of soft failure. Therefore, in checking the fault, first of all, the golf cart should be clean, to exclude the fault by the dust and dirt bow|started, and then do the inspection.


► Outside then inside car inspection steps

Specific machine failure have their external performance, different external performance reflects the corresponding internal failure of the device, diagnosis and inspection of the fault, to start from the outside, and gradually to the internal depth, to avoid blind maintenance, greatly improve the efficiency of maintenance.


► First check the power supply then test the load

Vehicle power supply part of the failure in the maintenance of a large proportion, the power supply system is the whole machine can star supply in the sparse, power supply electrical energy, load pump electrical energy, and rely on electrical energy work, the vast majority of the load failure is often caused by its power supply is not smooth; Therefore, in checking the fault, should first check the power supply circuit, to confirm that the power supply is not abnormal, and then the other circuit overhaul.


► From static to dynamic detection

Static is the vehicle is not in the state of electricity, that is, in the case of power off first check, check the project includes the connection line is correct, the socket is in good contact, there is no broken wire and poor welding, components have no burn black color absorption. Dynamic means that the machine to be repaired is in the working state of power, dynamic inspection must be carried out after the necessary checks and measurements at the time of static, to avoid blind power, so as not to expand the fault.



How to Maintain the Golf Cart

In the wide golf course need electric golf cart to get around, if not pay attention to do a good job of golf cart maintenance, it is easy to fail, then how to maintain the golf cart? Here is the golf cart maintenance guide: 

► Regularly test the tire pressure, golf cart tire pressure is insufficient, the friction between the tires and the road will increase, affecting the normal use, so you should regularly check the air. Pressure, found that the air pressure is not enough to replenish in time.

► Electric golf cart if the handlebar rotation is not flexible, there are stuck, freezing point or tight point, the front wheel and rear wheel rotation flexibility and other failures, should be timely lubrication or adjustment, use butter, calcium or lithium grease for lubrication.

► The circuit of electric golf cart should also be checked and maintained regularly, turn on the power switch, check whether the circuit is smooth, whether the connector plug is solid and reliable, whether the fuse is working normally, especially whether the battery output terminal and the cable connection is solid and reliable.

► Ralph Ball Car can not be in the exposure to the sun, so as to avoid high temperature, is to increase the water loss of the battery, accelerate the softening of the pole plate. Usually when not in use should be avoided directly under the sun.


Golf Cart Repair and Maintenance Guide


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