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Your Position: Home - Shoes & Accessories - How to Choose Tactical Gloves?

How to Choose Tactical Gloves?

Tactical gloves are gloves designed to meet the needs and requirements of police and military personnel, offering great protection against a wide range of physical threats. Because of this, they are incredibly hard wearing and impact resistant, while still maintaining a high level of dexterity.


Most tactical gloves are made from the same materials - thick leather in the palm and Kevlar on the back - to provide maximum protection and resist threats such as cuts and slashes .


What are tactical gloves used for?

As well as catching criminals and fighting wars, tactical gloves have a range of potential applications and their rugged nature makes them very suitable.

Half Finger Army Shooting Military Tactical Gloves

Half Finger Army Shooting Military Tactical Gloves

Paintball: Because they are designed for use in a military environment, tactical gloves are ideal for wearing when playing paintball. The protection they offer is perfect for absorbing paintball, and the grip and dexterity they provide means shooting is easier and safer.


Airsoft: Basically a more hardcore version of paintball that uses high velocity solid pellets rather than paintballs, playing airsoft means you need good protection to keep your hands safe. Tactical gloves provide this level of protection while still maintaining the dexterity you need.


Winter: Regular gloves in winter do offer some protection from the cold, but trying to do something strenuous outside in cold weather is almost impossible. Tactical gloves can be great for keeping out the cold, clearing snow and ice from the garden or driving more comfortably thanks to the added insulation and dexterity, not to mention the protection they provide for your hands in the event of a fall.


Riding a motorbike: Certain tactical gloves are suitable for riding motorbikes due to their high impact resistance. It is vital that motorcyclists have the right protective gear, as even low-speed accidents can cause significant damage to skin and bones. If you fall off your motorbike, the cut and impact resistance of tactical gloves can reduce the damage to your hands.

Safety Army Military Combat Tactical Gloves

Safety Army Military Combat Tactical Gloves

How to choose tactical gloves?

Sore, frozen hands are unpleasant and they can also prevent you from doing your job effectively, so when winter comes, good tactical gloves are essential. However, they have a place in your kit all year round, as they don't just protect against the cold and wet.


Choose the right pair of tactical gloves and they will also protect you from many other hazards.


Glove construction

When looking for gloves, the first thing you should consider is the basic construction. Leather is the traditional choice for waterproofing and basic protection and it is still a good choice. Modern leather gloves often have synthetic materials stitched or glued to the inside of the palm and fingers to provide a better grip - wet leather can be slippery and make it difficult to grip weapons and other equipment. The same applies to fabric gloves which are popular as a lighter option or as a casing material for winter gloves or mittens with linked fingers.


Bulk and insulation

Bulk and insulation are the next things you'll want to look at. The fact that highly insulated winter gloves are much bulkier makes it difficult to perform precise tasks or use weapons. You need to balance weather protection with the ability to do your job.


Protection beyond the weather

Gloves don't just protect you from the weather. If you're flying fast ropes, you'll definitely need hand protection, otherwise most of your palms will get between the helicopter and the ground. You'll need some specialised gloves, but there are plenty of other options for protection too. nomex is the most popular material for flight gloves because it's fire resistant. It's a good choice if you work in and around vehicles in high-threat environments, as it protects your hands from flash burns from RPG or IED explosions.



Also consider gloves made from Kevlar or Spectra fabrics. Cut-resistant gloves are great for law enforcement; you still don't want to block a sharp weapon with your hands, but if you do need to, you can reduce or eliminate the damage by wearing the right gloves. They are also perfect for urban operations where broken glass often poses a hazard.


It's easy to focus on other items and just grab a basic pair of leather gloves to add to your kit, but think about how important your hands are. They deserve the best protection you can give them, so don't skimp on your gloves.







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