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Your Position: Home - Apparel - How to Choose the Best Motorbike Gloves?

How to Choose the Best Motorbike Gloves?

We compare the best winter motorcycle gloves for cold weather. Which ones are the best? Knowing how to choose some winter motorcycle gloves requires a certain amount of skill. Our safety and comfort are at stake and they must be prepared to withstand cold temperatures.


It is important to know how to choose winter motorcycle gloves. Yes, obviously they have to be waterproof and also ready to withstand the cold temperatures of this time of year.


The best motorbike gloves for winter 2022

The first thing to remember when choosing winter motorcycle gloves is that they insulate against the cold and water, and that this doesn't affect the way we feel about the motorcycle controls. It is no use having warm hands if we are not precise when riding and are putting our safety at risk. Also, as a general rule, these types of gloves must have a long cuff and should have an integrated waterproof membrane and warm lining.


Cool Motorcycle Ladies Metal Button Warm Gloves

What to look for in winter Motorcycle gloves?



The gloves should have a slider that fits at the heel of your hand so that your palm slides along the pavement instead of stopping there. You'll see those racers sliding rather than landing hard and sticking to the tarmac. Sliding dissipates energy; stalling absorbs all the forward momentum of the ride and sends it to your body.


You'll also need at least good knuckle armour, because even if your machine has hand guards, a rocky perch kicked up by your partner at random or a rock thrown by a semi-trailer wake can easily break a finger.



Better moto gloves have pre-bent fingers and a pre-curved, C-shape to their profile. That reduces the force you have to input to get the glove to turn around your grips so your hands don’t fry after a few hours of riding.


Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Electric heat

If you've ever skied in heated gloves, you'll know that it can be a game changer when the weather turns cold. What could be better? Well, heated grips are not uncommon in the motorbike world, so do you still need heated hand protection? It's up to you.


Grippy Palms

Here's how snow tires work. They use a softer material in cold weather than the average summer tires. The makers of better winter moto gloves apply the same idea to the palms of their gloves so that gripping the throttle, brake or clutch lever when it's icy outside still provides positive feedback.



All the gloves on this list are made with waterproof/breathable membrane fabrics that you need your hands to breathe. Otherwise, the sweat they produce when your fingers are warm will turn into cold condensation at 65 mph - and that's not good. And you already know about water resistance.



Even if the gloves have battery technology to heat them, winter gloves must have material to keep them warm.


For more information about leather motorcycle gloves visit this link.





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