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How to clean the rug

Generally, there are two ways to clean the rug, dry cleaning or water washing, but if the custom rug is not very dirty, you can try not to wash it with water, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a roller brush to absorb the dust particles on the surface of the rug.

1. Use a vacuum cleaner and a roller brush to vacuum, and wash or dry clean the rug. Dust particles can be removed from the surface of the rug with a vacuum cleaner or a roller brush, which can also be used to comb the rug.

2. The living room rug can be cleaned by washing with water. First, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the surface of the rug, and then spray the diluted cleaning agent that will not fade the rug on the rug. After a while, you can rinse with water. , and then vacuum the rug clean with a suction machine.

3. The rug can be cleaned by the dry cleaning method. First, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the surface of the rug, treat some stains with a special detergent, and then dilute the high-foaming detergent. While cleaning, comb the rug with a comb, and the rug is dry. Clean with a vacuum cleaner later.


How to clean hotel rug

1. First of all, the rug area of the hotel is very large, so an upright vacuum cleaner should be used to perform a comprehensive vacuum treatment on the hotel rug. If there is no upright vacuum cleaner, the commonly used drum cleaner can also be used for vacuuming. Dust disposal, and dust once a day to keep clean.

2. Obvious stains, such as water-soluble, oil-soluble, colloidal stains, etc., need to be removed first during the second cleaning. These stains must be removed in time when they are dirty, and it will be difficult to remove them if they are left for too long.

3. For the configuration of rug cleaning solution, it is necessary to install the liquid medicine tank on the floor mopping machine, then pour the dry foaming liquid mixed with water into the liquid medicine tank, and install an electronic foaming box, and use the foaming box to reduce the foam. The moisture content of the rug can be cleaned more cleanly.

4. Push the mopping machine into the cleaning place and plug in the plug of the power cord, then adjust the lifting rod of the mopping machine, adjust the position to the level suitable for your own operation, and then start the machine from indoor to outdoor. Each row overlaps three times. One part is scrubbed and the direction of mechanical walking is from left to right, and then from right to left, repeating until fully scrubbed.

5. After washing, push the machine to one side and remove the brush head. When the machine is shut down, the power plug should be unplugged first, and no one or objects can walk on the rug before it is dry. The wet rug needs to be dried. Turn on the air conditioner to Speed up drying.

6. Restorative maintenance. After the hotel rug has been dry-foamed for many times, some foam residues and fiber bottoms cannot be washed, so we must use the suction washing method to remove the bottom dirt and sand, and it can be used at one time. Spray it with water, roll it with a brush, absorb and take away the dirt, and restore the hotel rug to its original softness and cleanliness.





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