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Your Position: Home - Transportation - HOWO and Shacman, Which is Better?

HOWO and Shacman, Which is Better?

We met HOWO no less than thousand times in our sales projects.  As the top 2 Chinese truck manufacturer, both HOWO and shacman work hard in oversea market. But we were often questioned by our customer, HOWO and Shacman trucks, which is better?

Normally I told my customer, its no meaning to compare which one is better because no matter HOWO dump Truck or Shacman, it has its unique advantage. This is the truth. The truck is consisted of thousands of spare parts and materials. The same truck model will show completely different performance when driven by different drivers. How can we simply conclude the result one is good and the other one is not good?


Shacman was founded in 1968, famous for its military off-road heavy duty trucks. It turned to commercial trucks since 2000. In China market, when talking about Shacman, most peoples image is his reliability and durability. Sinotruck was founded in 1960, with Huanghe Truck as its classic product in that age. Sinotruck got rapid development after several times joint venture. Also Sinotruck is the first Chinese truck brand entrying oversea market.

Both Shacman and Sinotruck has its own market zone. Take African market for example, Sinotruk has managed it for years and he knows the market demands well. Sinotruk gained absolute market shares with its low price and wide sales channels. In East Asia countries, Shacman won better goodwill than Sinotruck with its reliable quality. But saying about dump trucks, no matter in which market, Shacman is more prefered with its durablity. In 2019, Shacman exported 35,000 units while Sinotruck exported 55,000 units heavy duty trucks.

Sinotruck has good price which would ensure customer buy new trucks with low budget. This is attractive to most customers. However, Shacman takes more time to develop customers using experience, to make sure the truck could meet customersneed and also be safe and reliable. Different customer has different requirement, they could know both, compare and select the better one.





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