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Ceramic slurry pump is a kind of ceramic slurry pump, which can be used as option for rubber slurry pump, metal slurry pump and so on. The main material of ceramic slurry pump is silicon carbide. Different manufacturers have different processes, mainly including resin bonded silicon carbide and sintered silicon carbide.


The material for existing slurry pump wet ends part are mainly A49, A33, Cr30, A05, A07, duplex stainless steel, rubber R55 and so on, which are either with good corrosion resistance and certain wear resistance, or with good wear resistance and certain corrosion resistance. Ceramic pump can basically resist all the acid and alkali corrosion, and has excellent wear resistance. However, if the process can not be achieved, ceramic volute will be easily broken in the transport of large particles with the impact of the media.


The biggest characteristic of ceramic slurry pump is both wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting, and the performance is far higher than alloy pump and rubber pump.

Through many tests and data feedback in metal concentrating plant for many years, the service life of ceramic slurry pump is generally 3-6 times of that of High Chromium Alloy pump under the same working condition, and the price of silicon carbide material is lower than that of high chromium steel, duplex steel, and so on, so that the Yijia ceramic slurry pump in raw material prices compared with the first-class alloy also has a great economic advantage.


1. Corrosion resistance

Unlike metal pumps, ceramic pump wet end components (impeller, throat bush, frame plate liner insert, volute) are mainly composed of silicon carbide inorganic non-metallic materials, with excellent acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance.

2. Wear resistance

The wet end parts of slurry pump will produce corresponding wear while transferring the media contains solid particles. The crystalline structure of Silicon Carbide is similar to that of Diamond Tetrahedron. It is a compound mainly bonded by covalent bond. Its hardness is second only to diamond.

3. Heat resistance

Because the material is not easy to be deformed or corroded when it is heated, tested by MST, the ceramic slurry pump is put in the liquid with the highest temperature of 120 °C for 7 days. For the general working condition below 60 °C, Silicon Carbide ceramics can be completely satisfied.

4. Shock Resistance

The impact strength of Silicon Carbide ceramics treated by special process can reach 80 times of that of common ceramics, which can be used in slurry pump with solid granule.


Silicon Carbide ceramic pump is very suitable for power plant, coal mine, metal concentrator as the cyclone feeding pump, concentrate transport, tailings transport and other working conditions, but also can be used in chemical industry and other fields with abrasion and corrosion.

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