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Introduction to golf carts

Golf carts, also known as electric golf carts and electric golf carts, are environmentally friendly passenger vehicles specially designed and developed for golf courses. It can also be used in resorts, villas, garden hotels, tourist attractions, etc. From golf courses, villas, hotels, schools to private users, it will be a short-distance transportation.

Although the development of the golf cart industry has slowed down slightly in the past two years due to the impact of the financial crisis, with the rapid development of the national economy and the gradual subsidence of the international financial crisis, the golf cart industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development. In 2010, the golf cart industry is facing a new development situation. Due to the increase of new entrants and the rise in upstream raw material prices, the industry profits are reduced, so the market competition in the golf cart industry is becoming increasingly fierce.



1. Front axle and rear axle: MacPherson independent front suspension. The suspension can increase the space in the cab and improve the handling stability of the whole vehicle.

2. Steering system: The height and inclination of the steering wheel are adjustable.

3. Electrical: instrument monitoring system. Red instrument panel transmission lighting, electronic pulse sensor speed odometer, integral control instrument cluster, equipped with multi-function indicator.

4. Comfortable device: The movable top window is equipped with a crank handle, which can be closed in an emergency.

basic rules

Drive a electric golf cart at a constant speed to avoid loud noise due to acceleration. When driving, you should always pay attention to the players around you. Once you find someone is about to hit the ball, you must stop and wait until the ball is hit before starting the cart to continue driving.

(1) Golf cart users should pay attention to the following:

1. The vehicle shall not exceed the rated capacity specified by the manufacturer during use.

2. Without the approval of the manufacturer, no design modification shall be made, and no object shall be attached to the vehicle, so as not to affect the vehicle's ability and operational safety.

3. Modifications caused by the replacement of different component configurations (such as battery packs, tires, seats, etc.) shall not reduce safety and meet the requirements of this specification.

(2) Driving road:

1. The driving road must have bearing capacity, and its maintenance must be strengthened so that it does not affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

2. The driving road of the vehicle must have a view and be easy to turn, and there shall be no slopes, steep slopes, narrow passages and low roofs.

3. On roads that may encounter pedestrians or other vehicles, the driving road must have sufficient width.

4. It is recommended that the slope of the driving road should not exceed 25%, and the top and bottom of the slope must transition smoothly to avoid collision between the bottom of the vehicle and the road. When the slope exceeds 25%, it is recommended to install signage. At this point, the vehicle must be driven with extreme care





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