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Iron Oxide Pigments/Non-metallic minerals - Yayang

Product name: Iron oxide pigments
Form: powder
Specification: 325mesh- 1250mesh
Colors: red, yellow, blue, green and black



Iron oxides are the first choice in the pigment world. They are opaque and strongly tinted artificial colors. Iron oxides are reliable colorants for all media, including crafts, plaster, cement, etc.  

Iron Oxide Pigment Powder is a kind of pigment with good dispersibility, excellent light resistance, and weather resistance.

Iron Oxide Color Pigments mainly refers to iron oxide as the basic material of iron oxide red, iron yellow, iron black, and brown four kinds of pigments, which are given priority to iron oxide red (about 50% of the iron oxide pigments), micaceous iron oxide used as an antirust pigment, and used as a magnetic recording material of magnetic iron oxide also belongs to the category of iron oxide pigments.

Iron oxide is second only to titanium dioxide inorganic pigment, and is also the first color inorganic pigment. In the total consumption of iron oxide pigment, more than 70% is prepared by the chemical synthesis method, known as synthetic iron oxide.

Synthetic iron oxide due to its high synthetic purity, uniform particle size, and wide spectrum, color, inexpensive, and non-toxic, has excellent coloring and application performance, with UV absorption and other properties. They are made by synthesizing natural ingredients, are non-toxic, and responsibly produced.

Iron Oxide Pigments

Characteristics of Iron Oxide Pigment Powder

1. Good dispersity

2. Excellent light and weather resistance

3. Resistant to acid

4. Water resistance

5. Solvent resistance

6. Resistance to other chemicals

7. Alkali resistance

8, good color rate, no permeability, no migration


Iron Oxide Pigment Powder Usage

1. Iron oxide as a pigment is widely used in high-grade automotive coatings, architectural coatings, anticorrosive coatings, and powder coatings, is a better environmental protection coating, the annual consumption of iron oxide pigments in the world is more than 1 million T, second only to titanium dioxide, inorganic pigments in the second. Using iron oxide as a pigment, not only keeps the advantages of good heat resistance, weather resistance, and UV absorption of general inorganic pigments, but also desperate well in oil-based carriers, and paints and inks prepared with it have satisfactory transparency. The use of semiconductor characteristics of iron oxide coating, because of its high conductivity, can play a role in electrostatic shielding.

2. Ferric oxide is a commonly used colorant in glass production. The glass colored with iron oxide can absorb both ultraviolet and infrared rays, so it is widely used in the manufacture of heat-absorbing glass, sunglasses glass, industrial protective glass, and military anti-infrared coating. It also has the function of low cost, absorbing hot wire and ultraviolet rays.

3. In addition, a large number of foreign use iron oxide pigment as wood coating colorant and protective agent. Using transparent iron oxide pigments instead of traditional pigments can retain the clear wood grain, and its high light resistance and make the furniture color invariable. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can decompose lignin and destroy the cell structure of wood, resulting in wood aging, and nano iron oxide pigment because of fine particles and uniform distribution, will not scatter light and absorb ultraviolet radiation, so it can play a role in protecting the wood.


Iron Oxide Pigments



Q: What is the MOQ of the order for the product?

A: The MOQ is a 1*20ft container. But we accept trial orders, too.


Q: Do you have any test reports?

A: Yes we have a test report from a third party. And we could provide MSDS.


Iron Oxide Pigment Powder Packing and shipping

25kgs/bag,1 ton/ton bag, or as required. Ports of delivery are Tianjin, Qingdao, and Dalian port.


Iron Oxide Pigments


Iron oxide pigments Storage

Storage in a ventilated low-temperature dry warehouse.

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