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Your Position: Home - Textiles & Leather Products - Solid vs. Printed Area Rugs: Which Should You Choose?

Solid vs. Printed Area Rugs: Which Should You Choose?

If you are designing a space, chances are you’ll be using area rugs to soften the space and provide a solid foundation for expanding your ideas. Besides the fabric material, the rug’s design will have the most significant impact on the look and feel of the room.You can't call it a cozy room if it doesn't have an essential textile product like a rug. Not only does it help to warm feet in the home, but at the same time it is an integral part of the interior. The custom rug makes it more complete and harmonious. So, when looking at solid vs. printed area rugs, you need to consider a few key attributes when asking, “Which should you choose?”


Solid Rugs

Solid rugs are those that have a single color on their surfaces. They’re simpler in design than printed rugs, and this makes their application distinct.



As is clear from the name, monochromatic rugs are presented in only one color or hue. This textile model can be made of natural or artificial materials, from which the subsequent price of this product will be added. For natural models, rugs made of wool, cotton, and sometimes silk are usually included. Various man-made versions are made from various synthetic materials.

Using solid colored rugs is a minimalist approach for designing a room, and their constancy provides a base from which the rest of the room’s design can grow. If you want stand-out furniture or bold pattern wallpaper, you must consider that they’re often visually loud. A solid rug is a perfect accompaniment that won’t pull attention or make the space too busy.


Design is often about balance, and if you want patterned furniture or wallpaper, they’ll be inherently interesting and will draw in the eye. So you’ll want to pair any bold accents with solid rugs that won’t draw attention or make the space too busy.



The biggest disadvantage of solid rugs is how they highlight stains, especially in lighter tones. Since they don’t have patterns to hide behind, shoe marks and dirt become more noticeable. Therefore, you’ll want to limit solid rugs to less traversed areas or just have a no-shoes rule.


Printed Rugs

Printed rugs possess patterns and often utilize multiple colors. Again, this affects how you should go about incorporating them into a space.



If you have a room that is currently a little plain and lacks a certain pizzazz, consider adding a patterned rug. It will act as a design focal point to grab people’s attention. While it’s true that too many patterns can make a room feel busy, not enough can make a room look plain and lacking in depth. The right vertical design can elongate a room’s features. Also, the busyness of the carpet can hide a rug’s grime and wear.



Just as a pattern can make a room feel more prominent, it can also make a small room feel crowded. And by now, you already know that overpacking a room with patterns will do more harm than good.


With this new understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of solid vs. printed area rugs, you hopefully know which you should choose for your space.





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