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Your Position: Home - Health & Medical - The Benefits of Buying Vinyl Gloves Wholesale

The Benefits of Buying Vinyl Gloves Wholesale

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is critical to workplace safety in many industries. Although retailers sell many types of PPE, including disposable vinyl gloves, you can also source your equipment from a professional PPE wholesaler.


Learn about the advantages of buying vinyl gloves wholesale and how a specialist supplier can be a better long-term source for your PPE.



The main advantage of ordering nitrile and vinyl gloves (or any other type of PPE) from specialist wholesalers is that they can be ordered in bulk. The average box of disposable gloves typically contains 100 units. While buying a few boxes from a retailer each month may be enough for home or personal use, most retailers don't allow bulk purchases and cost more per unit.


If you run a business where your employees must use disposable gloves in their daily work, your employees may go through several boxes per week. Therefore, replenishment requires bulk purchases.


When operating as a business, ordering from a wholesaler has two advantages. You can place larger orders and benefit from lower unit prices, making wholesale a more cost-effective way to source disposable gloves.


Various Inventory

General retailers usually stock only the types of gloves that are most in demand. If you have specific PPE requirements (such as gloves with a specific thickness or medical grade), retailers may not carry what you need.


Professional PPE wholesalers usually stock as many types and variants of each item as possible. If you need multiple types of latex gloves, wholesalers are more likely to stock light-powder or powder-free varieties of gloves made from natural rubber and synthetic rubber materials.


If your business requires different colors of gloves to differentiate tasks when handling products in the food industry, wholesalers may stock uncommon color and material combinations. Examples include clear vinyl, red latex or black nitrile rubber.



When choosing a professional PPE wholesaler, you want to work with a supplier with specific qualifications. Whether you work in food service or healthcare, look for qualifications like "FDA Approved," "CDC Approved," or "ASTM Tested."


The purpose of these certifications is to certify that wholesalers provide quality products that comply with all relevant laws, standards and regulations. Vinyl gloves sold in the United States must meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) ASTM D5250 standard.


Customer Service

Working with a professional supplier also means you can benefit from excellent customer service. They can provide you with accurate product information and advice based on your needs.


If some of your employees are allergic to latex, a PPE wholesaler can recommend latex-free alternatives that won't cause harmful allergic reactions. If you need gloves for a specific high-risk task, ask about the tear and puncture resistance of a specific model.


You can also ask them if they need powder-free or powdered gloves, the difference between N95 and KN95 masks, or what level of protection you need for your medical gown. A reputable supplier should answer all your questions about their products and help you make the best choice for your needs.


Choose Us

At titanfine, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality gloves. We offer all types of disposable gloves (vinyl, nitrile, latex) and our products are tested or approved by all relevant organizations in the US. Welcome your inquiry.





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