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Your Position: Home - Construction & Real Estate - The Different Types And Applications of Glass Wool Insulation Wholesaler

The Different Types And Applications of Glass Wool Insulation Wholesaler

Jul. 06, 2022

With the higher standard of national requirements for green building, glass wool has become a thermal insulation material. Environmental protection has become a major concern for people around the world. Global warming and mountains of garbage have greatly affected the earth's environment.


So the concept of green building was born. Green building is a comprehensive environmental protection building from materials, and construction process to waste disposal. Green building is the general trend of construction and is a favorable factor for environmental protection. The application of building insulation can save the energy loss of heating and cooling systems, and the recycling of materials is easier and more convenient. Glass wool insulation is a natural material that is less polluting to the environment and therefore very popular.

Foil-clad glass wool


So what are the excellent characteristics of glass wool insulation?

1. Thermal insulation: first let's look at the production process of glass wool insulation. The glass is melted and put into the centrifuge to make glass fiber. After precipitation and curing of glass wool products are cut into specific shapes for different purposes. Glass wool insulation is a wool product with tiny internal pores. The pores form a natural air layer that enhances the insulation properties of the glass itself. Therefore, glass wool insulation is a perfect insulation material.

2. Sound insulation: when the sound passes through the glass fiber products, the tiny vibration of the fiber converts the sound energy into heat energy, thus reducing the spread of sound.


3. Fire performance: due to the glass itself being similar to the composition of the crystal, glass fiber wool is a relatively high temperature of use. The maximum use temperature can reach 250 ℃, suitable for residential fire protection.


Glass Wool


The application of different kinds of glass wool insulation porcelain.

1. Glass wool blankets are widely used in workshops, warehouses, cold rooms, gyms, exhibition centers, insulation sheds cultivation; steel buildings, and various indoor recreational places.


2. There are two major types of glass wool board. IE. no facing board and composite facing board. These products are widely used in industry. Residential buildings, air conditioning and other areas of the external wall insulation system.


3. Glass wool tube is a tubular product made of special grade rock wool mat, adding phenolic resin gelling agent, pressurized and heated to cure. The surface can be coated with PVC film or aluminum foil. Mainly used for petrochemical pipeline insulation to keep cold. Thermal power industry and industrial heating, civil heating, etc.


4. Glass wool felt


High-performance glass wool felt is used for walls and roofs of joint/independent houses, office buildings, public buildings. And so on. They can not only provide lasting indoor comfort, but also bring significant energy saving and noise reduction effect. What's more, they can be easily and simply installed.


5. Film-laminated glass wool products


In order to better meet the special requirements of customers and solve the problems of moisture-proof, sound-absorbing, anti-corrosion and aesthetic, glass wool products can be processed into a variety of laminated products. Such as FSK finish, flame retardant pure aluminum foil finish, flame retardant white polypropylene finish, flame retardant ternary composite finish, black fiberglass finish, and other products. Such finishes have high strength, high tensile strength, beautiful appearance, simple construction and other characteristics, can enhance the wear resistance of glass wool.


It is worth mentioning that, with the emergence of new glass wool, formaldehyde-free acrylic glass wool has become increasingly popular recently. This glass wool uses a new type of adhesive for curing, environmentally friendly. The binder does not contain formaldehyde or acrylic. This product does not contain formaldehyde molecules, healthier and more environmentally friendly. Glass wool environmental protection is affirmed by the majority of users!





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