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The Future of Commuting: Electric Motorcycles Surging Ahead

How are electric motorcycles changing the way we commute to work for the better? Are you ready for the future of commuting?


After more than a decade of electric cars getting visibility and following from enthusiasts, it's time for electric motorcycles to take center stage. While the industry is relatively new, it's already massively disrupting the motorcycle industry and the automotive sector. And in a world where people begin to rethink how they travel and commute to work, owning an electric motorcycle makes a lot of sense. For some, electric motorcycles serve as the future of commuting. Here's why:



1. Electric motorcycles can reduce commuting time.

Commuting to work can be time-consuming. In the 2019 report released by the US Census Bureau, the one-way commute a worker spends each day is 27.6 minutes, representing a 10% increase over 14 years from 2006. Notably, time spent is more for employees who use the public transport system.


With more and more workers wanting to spend their time on valuable things, electric motorcycles for commuting to work offer a better solution. They can get to work within minutes and not worry about waking up early. This means they don't have to skip breakfast or miss out on dinners with family. With more time on their hands, employees can have better control of their time.


We have 1500-5000W electric motorcycle, the most popular is 3000W motorcycle and Middle size electric motorcycle , we provide OEM/ODM service, you could choose color, motor and break you need.


KingChe Electric Motorcycle Z6.jpg

2. Electric motorcycles are cost-effective.

Electric motorcycles may be a bit more expensive than gas-powered ones. However, factoring in the cost of ownership, electric motorcycles offer tons of savings. Calculating the miles rode over the cost of "fueling" the bike, electric motorcycle owners can save hundreds of dollars annually. In five years, owners can save as much as $1,500 on fuel alone. Adding the cost of maintenance and insurance can provide even more savings.


5000W Electric Motorcycle JF--The most popular style on the web. Designed for street cheap electric motorcycle, anti-scratch bumpers are installed on both sides, and the front LED single daytime running light has far and near light. The difference between this style and other big electric motorbike is that the LCD instrument rack comes with a 12V USB charging port.


KingChe Electric Motorcycle JF.jpg

3. Electric motorcycles are safe.

For the uninitiated, there has been a connotation that riding motorcycles is unsafe. However, with the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) on motorcycles, there is a better improvement in safety. Through self-adapting algorithms, the bike can enhance vehicle control depending on the rider's style, including acceleration, lean angles, and even weight, ensuring safety.


Electric moped street legal have become very popular among young people, especially among millennials, who are looking for new ways to travel as an alternative to buying cars. Part of the appeal of electric moped for adults street legal is that some of them are advertised as vehicles that can be operated without a license and registration.

KingChe Electric Motorcycle MG.jpg

4. Electric motorcycles are good for the environment.

Due to the stay-at-home orders, there has been an unprecedented decrease in carbon emissions. However, as the economy slowly restarts, environmental researchers warn that the surge in car usage may even surpass pre-pandemic levels as white-collar workers choose to evade public transport.


A survey conducted by the Chicago Loop Alliance found that organizations with onsite workers have 50% of their workers using personal cars to commute to work, way higher than the number of those using public transport combined. This means that as people choose to lessen their exposure to the virus, they increase their carbon emission contribution.


By using electric motorcycles, workers can enjoy the luxury of skipping public transport and lessening their carbon footprint.


Final Thoughts: Electric Motorcycles are the Future of Commuting

As we move forward to a technologically driven world, many individuals are pushing the boundaries when it comes to the future of commuting. The use of electric cars has proven to be beneficial for many. As such, they're looking for more economical and future-forward options, and one of them is electric motorcycles.



Why choose Kingche?

Kingche specialized in electric bike line for more than 20 years, and have production experience more than 10 years.


Since 2009, our factory brand ADAOFU had been supplied e-bike to China foreign trade companies to help them better serve foreign importers and distributors, and provide OEM for domestic and foreign brands.


There are several kinds of motorcycles: Big size electric motorcycle, middle size electric motorcycle, Retro Style Motorcycles, Most Popular Style and Customized Models. CKD parts, SKD, OEM and OEM all are available.


If what you want are not in the table, please be free to contact us, thanks for support!






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