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The Similarities And Differences Between Smartboards Vs. Interactive Whiteboards

Schools have started to look for the latest and best new technology for their classrooms. One such example of this development is the demand for smart boards or interactive whiteboards. You will often hear school boards questioning whether to invest in this new software. But what is the difference between SMARTboards and interactive whiteboards? Is one better than the other, or are they just two names for the same device? Are they glorified projectors, or do these wireless devices serve a practical purpose?


Here are the basics you need to know before you go all out and buy one of these brilliant new products.


What is an interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards replace traditional chalk or marker whiteboards with large interactive displays that can digitise the entire lesson process, from planning to presentation to collaboration, and even revision, quizzes and games.


With internet access, audio and video support, touchscreen functionality and digital whiteboard software, interactive whiteboards enable teachers to create engaging lessons that resonate with a variety of learners, thereby improving student learning outcomes.

65 Inch Smart Whiteboard

65 Inch Smart Whiteboard

Mobile IWBs or fixed IWBs?

There are two types of interactive whiteboards.

IWB fixed: interactivity is integrated into the whiteboard.

IWB Mobile: the interactive sensor is mobile and you can mount it on any surface (wall or interactive board).


Mobile interactive whiteboard

The IWB is most appreciated for its practicality, its mobility and the fact that it can be borrowed between colleagues, whether they are teachers, trainers or business professionals.


It makes converting any projection surface into an interactive whiteboard very easy and almost instantaneous.


Fixed interactive whiteboard

The advantage of a fixed interactive board is that once installed, no time is wasted in setting it up (e.g. calibration) and it can be used quickly when switched on.


It is possible to choose from different types of stand, allowing the fixed IWB to be moved using castors, tilted or adding a stand to the projector.

 Interactive Whiteboard

 Interactive Whiteboard

What is a SMARTboard?

The name SMARTboards comes from the SMART brand, a well-known Canadian technology company. SMARTboards often allow more than one person to use them in different locations. Think of them as large interactive tablets that allow users to write remotely. SMARTboards usually do not have projector or projector access. Users can connect to the application and project from an external device.


The similarities and differences between SMARTboards Vs. Interactive Whiteboards

Both SMARTboards and Interactive Whiteboards are interactive and allow you to control your computer. The biggest difference is in the software. People usually use the term "SMARTboard" when referring to any interactive whiteboard. But as we mentioned before, the term "SMARTboard" was invented by the technology company SMART Technology. The term "interactive whiteboard" is a broad term used for many different smartboards and interactive whiteboards and systems.


Touch is obviously important to both, but it is the main feature that makes the interactive whiteboard experience special. The way these projectors are used is contrasting.


Smartboards are essentially computer screens that can be magnified by a projector, whereas interactive whiteboards are whiteboards or interactive projectors with touch capabilities.

98 Inch Intelligent Smart Nano Blackboard

98 Inch Intelligent Smart Nano Blackboard

With SMARTboards you have access to the internet and a system that supports many interesting features. Some interactive whiteboards are relatively limited in terms of what the system can handle. This depends on the type you get.


The quality and resolution of the image is also usually contrasting. The resolution of the image is another thing to consider before buying any projector.


Smartboards vs. Interactive whiteboards: How can each benefit the classroom?

For each, there are a few logistics you should understand. Firstly, the cost of each is very important. Presumably, as there is no one price for each, the total will certainly vary. However, you will probably see slightly more expensive products in SMARTboards because they are "brand name" products.


Another logical thing to consider is the room in which these interactive devices are placed. Some spaces are better suited to actual screens, while others are best suited to projectors. As long as the system can host a smart board, you should be clear. Projectors and interactive projectors are best suited to classrooms, while interactive smart boards may be perfect for offices.


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