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The Specific Application Of Medical Clean Doors In Hospitals

Clean Door


We all know that hospitals have strict requirements for application equipment, and clean doors are one such existence. So the quality and service of the clean door are excellent in which departments of the hospital are mainly used? And what is the way of application?


Clean doors are used in which departments?

Operating room

First of all, the need for long-term isolation of pollution and non-pollution area is the operating room, the operating room as one of the hospital's infrastructures and its demand for clean doors is very large, take the ordinary secondary hospital, should be equipped with various types of operating room cubicles 5-6, then the corresponding surgical cubicles and the overall isolation of the operating room must be used to clean doors.

Intensive care room

Now very many secondary hospitals have been equipped with perfect intensive care equipment and intensive care unit isolation device, intensive care unit is a special department to provide 24-hour monitoring and treatment for critically ill patients, its requirements for safety protection and sterilization isolation is also very strict, so the use of intensive care unit must be a good reputation of clean doors only so that patients and families can rest assured.

Hemodialysis room

Nowadays, with the accelerated pace of people's lives, many long-term overworked people gradually suffer from endocrine diseases, and a large proportion of them is kidney failure, and the key to treatment lies in hemodialysis, hemodialysis as the treatment of uremic kidney failure is one of the more conventional and effective methods, has been adopted by most patients, in the hospital in the construction of hemodialysis room must pay attention to the reasonable use of clean doors, to carry out the relevant sterile contamination isolation to protect the health of patients.


Clean Door


The way to open the clean door

Microwave radar

Microwave radar is a response to the displacement of the object, so it has a fast response time and is suitable for places where people walking at normal speed pass through. Its characteristic is that once the person near the door does not want to go out and stay still, the radar will no longer respond and the automatic clean door will be closed. It has a certain protective effect on the door machine.

Infrared sensor

The infrared sensor reacts to the presence of objects, regardless of whether the person moves or not, as long as it is in the scanning range of the sensor, it will react that transmits the contact signal. The disadvantage is that the response speed of the infrared sensor is slow, and it is suitable for places where there are slow-moving people entering and leaving. In addition, if the automatic clean door accepts the contact signal for too long, the controller will think that the signal input system is obstructed. Also, automatic clean doors can cause damage to electrical components if they are kept open for too long.

Push-button switch

Since microwave radar and infrared sensors do not know whether the approaching person really needs to enter the door, some occasions prefer to use a key switch. A pushbutton switch can be a contact-type button, or more conveniently, an elbow-touch switch. The elbow-touch switch is very durable, especially since it can be operated with the elbow. Hand contact is avoided. There is also the so-called footswitch, which has the same function but has higher requirements for waterproofing, and the force of the foot pedal is so great that it can easily make the footswitch fail. There is also a pull handle with a contact switch, which provides a contact signal to the door machine when the pull handle is pushed (or pulled in the opposite direction) into place.


That's all we have to share today. I hope this article is helpful to you. We are a clean door supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them!


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