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What’s Plain Steel Wire Mesh?

Plain steel, also known as carbon steel, is a heavily used metal in the wire mesh industry. Plain steel is popularly manufactured in both woven and welded wire mesh specifications. It is primarily composed of iron and a small amount of carbon. The popularity of the product is due somewhat to its relatively low cost as well as its versatility and widespread use.

Plain steel wire mesh is strong and durable. It is often times dark in color compared to bright aluminum or stainless steel meshes. Steel mesh does not resist corrosion and will rust in most atmospheric conditions. It is because of this, plain steel wire mesh is sometimes used as a disposable item.

It is possible to treat plain steel wire mesh using a coating treatment which includes galvanizing, PVC, or powder coating. This coating process is often considered an aftermarket treatment.

Features & Uses

The most popular uses of plain steel mesh include:

Fireplace screens

Small guards

Oil strainers


There are many other uses as well. General contractors use the mesh for: infill panels, window guards, shaker screens, wall coverings, and cabinets. Car manufacturers use plain steel wire mesh for grill and radiator covers, oil strainers, and filtration discs. The agriculture industry uses plain steel mesh for machine and equipment guards as well as for separation and filtration.

Specifying plain steel mesh for any job can easily be done. Mesh with wire diameters ranging from .0075 inch to .010 inch are easily cut with scissors. Mesh with a heavier wire diameter, ranging from .011 inch to .028 inch, can be cut with tin snips. Mesh with heavier wire diameters can be difficult to cut with a hand tool. However, a compound aircraft-style hand shear can be used to cut through the larger wires.

Choosing Your Plain Steel Wire Mesh

Your choice of mesh should be based on the requirements of your project or application. For someone unfamiliar with wire mesh terminology, be sure to consider opening sizes. A number eight mesh has eight openings per linear inch. The opening is large enough to easily pass a grain of rice between the wires.

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