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Your Position: Home - Security & Protection - What are the product categories of transportation facilities?

What are the product categories of transportation facilities?

Traffic safety products refer to products that are installed in the traffic environment composed of people, vehicles and roads in order to improve road traffic capacity, ensure the safety of life and property of people, vehicles and roads, prevent traffic accidents and reduce accident losses.

Features and functions of traffic safety products

Because of the unique functions of traffic safety products, we subdivide the traffic industry and the building materials industry, which is conducive to professional research and affects the development of a subdivided industry.

Usually, the important features of traffic safety products are the functions of farsightedness, deceleration, protection, and induction, which are required to be eye-catching and alert no matter in the day or night, reminding pedestrians and vehicles to pass the road safely and effectively, and to maximize the safety in the event of an accident. Reduce the impact force to reduce damage.

From the different use subjects of traffic safety products, they can be divided into:

1. Civil safety protection; generally refers to all reflective clothing and appliances worn on the human body. The main purpose is to protect the safety of pedestrians in the traffic Post

2. Vehicle safety equipment; generally refers to all marking products installed and fixed on various vehicle equipment, mainly to protect the safety of vehicles in the traffic road environment and to be easy to identify. For example, body reflective signs, car driving recorders, vehicle variable information screens, car license plates, triangular warning signs, dangerous goods dome lights, etc.

3. Road safety protection facilities; generally refer to all traffic facilities placed on various roads, mainly used for road guidance, diversion and collision avoidance. For example, traffic signs and markings, traffic lights, solar LED signal lights, guardrails, anti-collision facilities, raised road signs, outline signs, etc.


4. Parking lot facilities: refer to all the protection facilities set up in various parking lots, mainly for the safe parking and orderly entry and exit of vehicles. For example, the gate toll system, parking locks, parking devices, wall corners, speed bumps, wide-angle mirrors, etc.

5. Mechanical safety equipment; generally refers to all the mechanical equipment designed to ensure the safety of road traffic, mainly used for construction and the effectiveness of guiding traffic diversion. For example, marking equipment, marking car equipment, snow removal equipment, etc.

6. Intelligent transportation applications; generally refer to all products that realize traffic safety management through software systems or chip technology. The main purpose is to increase the efficiency of road traffic. For example, information screen, radar side speed meter, speed feedback sign, electronic monitoring system, etc.

Due to the special prevention of traffic safety products to reduce the nature of accidents, they are mainly made of metal (steel, galvanized iron, aluminum), plastic, rubber, glass fiber reinforced plastic and reflective materials. The properties of the material put forward extremely high requirements on the performance of clear visibility during the day, eye-catching reflection at night, impact resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance.

At the same time, in recent years, LED light display signs with solar energy as the power supply mode are also increasingly used in traffic safety facilities. It mainly uses monocrystalline silicon solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, directly supplying power to the IED electronic tube and storing surplus electricity in the battery, under the work of the controller, to meet the requirements of day and night light-emitting display signs. It is economical and practical for traffic signs, signal lights and information screens to use solar energy to supply power, and has a broad market prospect.

Traffic safety products can be divided into four major fields: road, railway, water transportation and aviation according to their application fields. Of course, the field of road traffic safety consisting of people, vehicles and roads is the field with the most extensive application needs, which can be used as the content and direction of our understanding of the transportation facility industry.





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