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What is a car suspension system?

Do you know how many parts make up an ordinary car? Generally speaking, a car consists of more than 10,000 non-removable individual parts. A professional racing car has more than 20,000 parts. Auto parts support each other to form a system. Their quality is closely related to the performance of the car. Among them, one of the ten key components of modern cars, the car suspension system, is the "capacity responsibility" that combines a variety of forces. But most people don't know much about the system. Then, next, I will lead you to understand the car suspension system

The car suspension system is a support system composed of springs and shock absorbers between the body and the tires. Its main function is to support the body and improve the ride feel. To a certain extent, the suspension system determines the stability, comfort and safety of the car. Therefore, different car suspension systems are selected, and the riding experience is also different. In general, a high-quality suspension system can improve the contact between the tire and the road surface, make the car perform better during driving and cornering, and provide the driver with a comfortable driving experience and intuitive handling.


Automobile suspension system can be divided into independent suspension and non-independent suspension according to different automobile guiding mechanisms. However, with the improvement of Volkswagen's requirements for car handling and ride comfort, independent suspension has become a better choice for people when buying or modifying a car. Independent suspension is where the wheels on each side are individually suspended from the frame or under the body by elastic suspension. The weight of the independent suspension is lighter, which can reduce the impact on the body and improve the ground adhesion of the wheels. It can lower the center of gravity of the car, improve the stability of the car while driving, and reduce the inclination and vibration of the body. In addition, in the independent suspension, softer springs can be used to improve the comfort of the car.

The commonly used independent suspensions can also be divided into wishbone type, trailing arm type, multi-link type, candle type and MacPherson suspension according to different structural forms. The suspension system generally includes shock absorbers, suspension springs, anti-roll bars, lower control arms, longitudinal bars, steering knuckle arms, rubber bushes and other components. If you hear a sound like scratching something with your claws during driving, you need to check the suspension system and maintain and replace the parts of the suspension system in time. However, during the replacement process, you must choose high-quality spare parts to avoid failures in a short time.

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