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Your Position: Home - Transportation - What is a Truck Head, and how to Buy a Truck Head?

What is a Truck Head, and how to Buy a Truck Head?

What is a Truck Head?

A truck head is a powerful vehicle that pulls heavy loads in containers, trailers, and tankers. The chassis, the heavy-duty engine, fuel tank, and all other components are enclosed in a relatively small box.

Truck heads are equipped with driver comfort and safety features such as adjustable and heated seats, innovative locking systems, airbags, and other modern features like video monitors, music

systems, and sleepers.

Truck Head Features

Truck heads are in the big leagues of logistic transportation. The key features of the truck head for sale are:


Heavy-Duty Engine

The available truck heads run on powerful diesel engines - they pull tons of weight after all. The engine's design and size also determine the truck head's pulling power and performance. A heavier truck head can haul heavier weights.

Electrical System

The truck heads are equipped with high-tech electrical systems that support long working durations and additional features on a truck head.We can offer additional security for the truck head's headlights

Sleepers/ Cabs

The truck head driver covers countrywide distances in the cabin. Their ambiance is ergonomically designed to ensure optimal driving - thousands of dollars of cargo is dependent on them. That is why the truck heads have a built-in air-conditioned sleeper behind the driver's


Truck Head Uses

Cargo Transportation

Luyi Truck heads serve one primary purpose: to haul heavy cargo loads from one destination to another. They do so on containers or trailers with the help of powerful engines.

Carrying Heavy Equipment

They also carry construction equipment such as cement mixers or concrete pumps.





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