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Your Position: Home - Minerals & Metallurgy - What Is The Best Vinyl Coated Wire Mesh and Fence?

What Is The Best Vinyl Coated Wire Mesh and Fence?

Be Wary of Weld Points


You want to put up a wire mesh fence. Which one should you choose? There are so many different types of fencing materials available. The fence's function, the task you want it to perform, will be a large determining factor in the selection process. Factors that will impact the functioning of your fence:


PVC Coated Welded Mesh


ㆍWire gauge

ㆍMesh opening size



With few exceptions, wire fences have either a galvanized or a vinyl-coated finish. Usually, the vinyl is applied to the previously galvanized wire. The important question is whether the wire mesh under the vinyl coating is galvanized before it's welded, or if the mesh is galvanized after it is welded. Why is this important?


When galvanized wire is welded into a mesh, the protective zinc is burned off at the weld points where the wires intersect. This leaves the wires unprotected, exposed to both the air and any corrosive elements that may come in contact with them. Moisture tends to concentrate in these areas. One way to protect the wires from this threat is to vinyl coat them.




To get the highest quality protection from rust and corrosion a thick coating of PVC is applied to a wire mesh that has been galvanized after it has been welded. The wire fence material is hot-dipped--passed through a bath of molten zinc. The zinc flows over the entire surface of the mesh, thoroughly sealing the wires and the areas where the wires intersect. The PVC is applied last, giving the fence an extended life due to its double protection.


Double Protection


PVC Coated Welded Mesh


What factors make PVC coated galvanized after welded wire mesh the best vinyl coated wire mesh and fence?


ㆍThis attractive finish is pleasing to the eye

ㆍLongest life--extended protection against rust and corrosion

ㆍReduced expense and labor of replacement

ㆍDouble protection--tightly bonded PVC coating on top of galvanized after weld


The next time you want to be sure that the wire you buy will last the longest, get vinyl coated wire mesh and fence that is galvanized after weld. Make sure the coating of PVC is both thick and tightly bonded to the underlying wire. This is so tough it's the same type of mesh used for lobster traps.


Don't settle for less expensive inferior wire mesh products--this is false economizing. Get the products that will stand the test of time!


You do have a choice! Chongguan Wire Mesh provides high-quality PVC coated welded mesh. Contact us for a free quote!





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