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Your Position: Home - Apparel - What is the difference between PVC and silicone rubber labels?

What is the difference between PVC and silicone rubber labels?

Rubber labels are a great way to help brand your products in a high quality, durable fashion. However, you will first need to identify which one is best used for what you have to sell.

Should you choose PVC and silicone rubber?


Visually, there is actually very little difference between PVC and silicone rubber labels

Both materials are good for the environment

Each can be completely customised with your logo and a 3D multi-colour effect

Both are entirely waterproof

Neither will have its colour fade when in direct sunlight

Each can be adapted to either self-adhesive or velcro backing

Both are very easy to sew onto textiles


PVC labels are cheaper to produce than silicone ones

Silicone has the ability to stretch, whereas PVC rubber labels cannot

Silicone label material is slightly more environmentally friendly material than PVC labels. It is soft against the skin than PVC label as well

PVC labels can have a heat resistance up to 45- 50 degree Celsius. Silicone labels can have a heat resistance up to 200 -250 degree Celsius

Silicon label can be adapted to melt adhesive, whereas PVC rubber label cannot

How could you benefit from rubber brand labels?

Branding your products is an integral part of building customer loyalty and a real relationship with those who buy your products. When it comes to branding using a logo, you should ensure that whatever means you do it with is durable and catches the eye. That’s why PVC or silicone labels are such a common choice nowadays.

All of our labels can be fully customised to your brand, and can easily be sewn onto a number of products, like outdoor clothing, footwear, hats or pet products. Better yet, the cost of producing rubber labels is very low, even in small quantities, meaning they are an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Our contact details are here.





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