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Why Choose SPC Flooring?

SPC vinyl flooring is a stone plastic composite plastic flooring. It is very similar to Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) flooring as it is a high quality luxury vinyl material. By combining limestone and other stabilisers, it can be made into an extremely hard core that is scratch resistant, water resistant, durable, high flow and able to cope with general wear and tear. The manufacturing process of the composite also improves the overall stability and dent resistance of the boards, making them widely used in commercial and residential environments.


There are 3 main categories of flooring that can be compared to SPC Luxury Vinyl Plank. Let's start with hardwood and laminate flooring, a category that is obviously primarily an engineered form of wood product, or in the case of solid wood, it is simply cut down from the way nature made it. SPC is an excellent flame retardant when compared to wood products. SPC has superior weathering and water resistance.


SPC PVC Stone Plastic Composite Vinyl Flooring

SPC has a higher abrasion resistance rating and higher strength than wood. SPC has superior anti-slip, anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties than wood. SPC absorbs sound better and reduces indoor noise better than wood. Installation is a very important factor in noise control and SPC is easier to install, saving you time and money.


SPC flooring and carpet

SPC is more durable than carpet because the patented wear layer technology seals the colour and texture of the floor. SPC is flame retardant and does not catch fire as easily as carpet fibres. SPC is water resistant and absorbs water more easily from the floor than soaked carpet because the interlocking mechanism on SPC prevents water from penetrating underneath the floor. SPC is less expensive to maintain and requires less cleaning.


SPC is anti-bacterial and mildew resistant and although some carpets make this claim, it is much easier to absorb water from hard surface SPC flooring than from carpet pads and fibres. SPC Luxury Vinyl Plank is a better choice than carpet for those who have a dust problem and need a surface that is easy to clean.


Non-Slip Interlocking Commercial SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring vs Marble or Tile

SPC is lighter in weight, reducing transport costs and helping to reduce affordability. sPC is quicker to install and costs less in materials and labour. You won't hear loud sawing and won't have to clean dust out of grout and grout during an SPC installation.SPC has a more consistent colour variation. While natural stone and tiles can be very beautiful, their characteristics and colours can be difficult to match if the installation needs to be sourced from multiple batches. sPC is more resilient and less likely to chip or crack if a heavy object is dropped on the floor.


If the SPC planks are damaged for any reason, it is much easier to loosen the locking mechanism and replace the damaged planks. Then it is a matter of cutting out the damaged tiles with a dusty saw and chisel. A successful restoration requires finding the right matching product, which is more difficult with marble and tiles.


Non-Formaldehyde Lead Free Virgin Material SPC Flooring

Safety and Air Quality

SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring is free from formaldehyde and toxic substances. It meets strict air quality standards and SPC is hypoallergenic.


Highsee is one of the most professional vinyl flooring manufacturer and export oriented company in China.


Our products have passed Floorscore, SGS and other certifications. All the raw materials we use in the production process must be rigorously tested and environmentally friendly. Contact our team today to learn about our SPC flooring.

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