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Your Position: Home - Apparel - Why You Should Buy Tencel Denim?

Why You Should Buy Tencel Denim?

Why You’ll Want To Look Out for TENCEL In Your Denim

If you’re in the market for new jeans (aka me, always), there’s a certain shopping ritual you’ll need to perform before making a final decision.

So What Is Tencel?

There are lots of buzzwords that get tossed around in the sustainability space (renewables! carbon sequestration! greenwashing!). TENCEL is one you should expect to hear more of — and one a conscious consumer should definitely know about. Its fibers are among the best environmentally friendly fibers around and a green alternative for your closet staples because it’s made from trees. Yes, trees, people! The same stuff used for furniture and paper could also be used for your clothes when mixed with cotton scraps. Pretty cool, right?

OK OK, But What Makes It So Much Better For The Environment?

Now you may hear the word “tree” and immediately think deforestation, but TENCEL is awesome because its fibers are made of wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, which means no endangered or ancient trees were sacrificed in the name of style.

What Does It Have To Do With Jeans?

TENCEL fibers are wildly versatile and can be used for everything from outerwear and sportswear to lingerie to bedding. But when it comes to jeans, it totally revolutionizes denim DNA. The fabric itself hits the textile trifecta because it’s breathable, soft, and wrinkle resistant. Better pants, better planet. What’s not to love?

How Do I Shop Tencel Denim Fabric?

Tencel series denim fabric is one of Hengfang Group’s main product series, natural silk raw materials, modern technology production, the combination of nature and technology, exudes elegance and fashion. This product is skin-friendly, biodegradable, high strength, lasting softness, good air permeability, smooth touch, low static electricity, inhibition of bacterial growth, good drape, bright and stable color, dry touch and temperature adjustment, etc. It is suitable for children’s clothing , Children’s pants, women’s shirts, mosquito pants. Click here for a free quote!





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