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Cross-border logistics management solution software: How eTower

In recent times, the boom in cross-border logistics software solution technology and the complexity of logistics processes has given rise to cross-border logistics management software and specialized companies focused on cross-border logistics, accelerating the flow of resources in the supply chain. One reason for the dominance of large online retailers such as Amazon in the retail space is the overall innovation and efficiency of their logistics at every point in the supply chain. Intelligent management system developed for third-party cross-border express logistics companies to manage cross-border express logistics business management, to achieve full information management, support a variety of logistics services, a variety of order docking, support tracking and tracing, save a lot of labor costs are important, but do you know enough about cross-border logistics management solution software? The following I can introduce as a cross-border logistics management solution software company.

 Cross-Border Logistics Management Solutions Software

What is cross-border logistics management solution software?

It is a kind of SaaS service based on cloud computing to help logistics providers who have the heart and strength to quickly cut into the cross-border e-commerce field of a cross-border e-commerce logistics collaboration platform. Through integration, each division of labor in the cross-border logistics chain can easily share data and work together efficiently and conveniently.


Main modules of the cross-border logistics management solution software.

Management Dashboard

(1) Dashboard can provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the operational status of all services based on the most timely data. The corresponding data permissions can be configured for different roles.

(2) Parcel tracking page

Connects the whole logistics chain to meet the needs of more than 20 tracking nodes. It is convenient for users to accurately monitor the abnormal status of parcels.

(3) Abnormality processing

The unique abnormality detection and processing system monitors the abnormal status of parcels and provides timely feedback on processing solutions to facilitate users to find and correct errors in time, helping customers to reduce losses and improve efficiency.

Commercial Invoice

When creating orders with URLs, our system can obtain descriptions and product images from the provided URLs and generate commercial invoices that can be used for customs clearance.

Billing Module

1. The calculation of package shipping costs includes various charges, such as

Insurance based on freight surcharges (battery surcharge, fuel surcharge, remote area surcharge and other surcharges) taxes (customs duties, VAT).


2. Tariff scheme configuration

Configure price lists and surcharges for shippers.


3. Billing area function

The billing area can be flexibly configured to meet complex calculation rules and business logic.

Support configuration of cost area by country, city and postal code


4. Exchange rate.

Exchange rate query (currency from Bank of China and date of conversion price) and conversion.


5. Financial management functions

1) Customer account management (add currency, account opening, closing, credit setting, financial holding)

2) Accounting processing: freight settlement, inquiry, cost adjustment.

3) Daily billing: daily billing settlement and inquiry.

If you want to know more about the cross-border logistics management solution software, you can contact eTower, who has a team of experts proficient in the logistics software development process. eTower is one of the best cross-border logistics software solution providers in the world and has enough knowledge about cross-border logistics management solution software to solve your problems!





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