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Functions and Advantages of Monopole Towers

Jun. 18, 2021

Monopole Towers Suppliers share with you the functions and advantages of monopole towers, hope it will be helpful to you.

Monopole towers are a commonly used type. It belongs to the field of tube tower technology and includes the tower body and the working platform at the top of the tower. At the bottom of the tower and on the working platform, there is a doorway respectively, and the antenna bracket is fixed on the fence of the platform.

Monopole Towers

Monopole towers functions:

1、The Monopole Towers is composed of single tube and accessories, and the main material is generally bent from steel plate.

2, the tower cross-section is round or polygon, using internal flange, external flange or plug-in connection.

3、Ladders and resting platforms can be set up in the tower. Communication equipment can also be set up with high security.

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4、According to the customer's choice, the ladder can be placed inside or outside.

5. Adopting the international advanced design concept and calculation method, the slope of the tower can be adjusted according to the geology and climate.

6. Easy and safe installation, small footprint and convenient location.

Monopole tower advantages:

Small tower footprint and foundation

Fast and easy to install

Aesthetically pleasing

Suitable for different loading applications

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