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Your Position: Home - Electrical Equipment & Supplies - How to Choose a Micro Switch?

How to Choose a Micro Switch?

  1. 1.Understanding Switch Dimensions:Understanding how the size of a micro switch affects other characteristics is crucial. Engineers need to consider product applications, size, internal space design, and important parameters like the position, placement, space, and force required for the micro switch before development.

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  3. 2.Understanding Electrical Requirements:Micro switches can typically interrupt voltages ranging from 5mA/5VDC to 25A/380VAC. The product line offers a range from low-energy to power-load electrical types suitable for various applications. Engineers must select the appropriate circuit; the switch contacts can be normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). NO contacts usually have no current passing between them in their default state, while NC contacts have current flow. The circuit opens or closes when the switch is actuated.

  4. 3.Environmental Temperature Conditions:Environmental requirements significantly influence micro switch selection. In applications demanding high reliability, such as industrial control and medical devices, factors like humidity and temperature in the air play a crucial role. For harsh environmental conditions, sealed waterproof switches with at least IP67 protection rating and a temperature range from -40°C to +150°C should be chosen.

  5. 4.Work Life Expectancy Requirements:Switch reliability is key, determining the required electrical and mechanical life cycles is crucial. Different switches, contacts, materials, housings, and terminals have varying life expectancies. A high-life mechanical switch can exceed 10 million cycles, and electrical life can reach up to 1 million cycles. Different applications have varied requirements for micro switch prices and quality, requiring a comprehensive consideration of the total cost of use to determine the most suitable micro switch.

  6. 5.Certification and Qualifications of Micro Switches:Micro switches come in a range of prices, and quality varies. Cheaper options may not meet the life expectancy requirements due to lower material quality. For high-quality products, choosing reputable manufacturers with international certifications is essential. Products like the micro switches produced by Guantai Electronics have various certifications, ensuring their quality and reliability.





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