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Your Position: Home - Automobiles & Motorcycles - Rotary Power Steering Oil Seal, Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

Rotary Power Steering Oil Seal, Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

Power steering oil seals that rotate and reciprocate

One of the most crucial components of a car is the power steering system, and the power steering oil seal may keep the steering system's liquid from leaking out while still allowing it to turn and work smoothly. Both rotary and reciprocating crankshafts can use the NNK power steering oil seal. It may maintain the fluid in the steering gear in an efficient manner, allowing for solid and dependable steering. Rotating oil seals and reciprocating oil seals are two categories for this oil seal. The two variants are designed to successfully stop liquid leaks in the steering gear.

Rotary Power Steering Oil Seal, Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

Product Material

We provide the following product materials for the application of Power Steering Oil Seals: NBR, FKM, ACM, SBR, EPDM, Peroxide, as well as materials with unique requirements. NNK also offers the best material based on customer demands.

Rotary Power Steering Oil Seal, Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

Our Advantages

1. The Default Good NNK has a broad range of standard items and provides the most popular inch sizes. It can produce accurate Power Steering Oil Seal in accordance with different industry requirements and deliver them swiftly and on schedule. The rubber used is of excellent quality, and it has good performance.
2. Low Mold Cost: The majority of the standard standards for the different seals already have moulds, so no further investment is needed. If a unique size has to be opened, we will also provide it to the customer at a discounted rate or work with them to create a model for collaboration.

3. Flexible MOQ and Quick Delivery: It supports modest orders from consumers, has a lower MOQ than the competition, and offers sample testing. Customers can use production schedule more flexibly thanks to instant delivery.
4. Oil Seal Auto Assembly Machine When the spring is inserted, the oil seal is more exact and swift, improving the stability of the delivery time and quality.
5. Completely Automated Quality Inspection Equipment: The automatic quality inspection equipment was adopted in 2020 to guarantee the quality of oil seals, get around the manual inspection bottleneck, and generate a quicker and more effective output.

6. Offer Personalized Services: If you want a Power Steering Oil Seal that is individualised, please provide any pertinent details, including CAD/CAM and other specifications, and NNK will provide advising and advanced planning services.

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Rotary Power Steering Oil Seal, Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

The Function Of Power Steering Oil Seal

Pressure loss and normal pressure maintenance are both possible with a power steering oil seal. Check to see that the reciprocating crankshaft and the power steering wheel both function properly.


Features Of Rotary Power Steering Oil Sea

On the rotating shaft, a rotary power steering oil seal is mounted to maintain lubrication, stop oil leaks, and guarantee normal steering performance.
The design of the rubber and iron shell assembly may guarantee the oil seal's effectiveness and functionality.
The oil seal's secondary lip construction can stop the main lip from flipping over.

Rotary Power Steering Oil Seal, Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

Features Of Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

On the reciprocating shaft of the hydraulic cylinder is mounted the oil seal of the reciprocating power direction machine.
The combination iron shell and rear support ring's structural capabilities can guarantee sealing and high-pressure resistance performance in high pressure operating environments.
Employ an oil return groove structure to lower temperatures, extend service life, and minimise friction.

Rotary Power Steering Oil Seal, Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

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